Opened Out

Opened out to others

This little phrase captures who we want to be as a Church community and helps guide us in what we do in our life together. As individuals and together we want to be ‘opened up’ to God and ‘opened out’ to others. Jesus said to his followers ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind, and love your neighbour as yourself’ (Mark 10.27). That’s in essence what ‘opened up opened out’ means. It is two parts of the same thing - we believe that when you are opened up to God you are also opened out to others.

As a church we are working out our calling to be opened up and opened out through three major priorities:

1) Offering attractive Jesus-focussed worship;

2) Developing confident biblical discipleship;

3) Pursuing creative Spirit-led mission opportunities.

At Holy Trinity we want to live life for God, to surrender ourselves to him, and let God set the agenda. But we also long for our Christian faith to flow out into all areas of our life as we witness to the goodness of God in our relationships with friends and family, our work and leisure, our responsibility for the environment, and our concern for justice and peace in the world.  As a church we are opened out through various initiatives: Vintage, Trinity TotsMessy Church, HT Walks and through our commitment to Fairtrade values and partnering with world mission organisations.

We would love you to join us on our journey of being opened up to God and opened out to others...