By Generous Giving

Giving Generously at Holy Trinity

Each year at Holy Trinity we invite everyone to reflect on their financial giving to church. The vast majority of our income for all we do comes from your prayerful, generous, and regular giving. Thank you! We are so grateful to you for taking seriously the commitment to financial giving as part of discipleship.

As we consider our giving for 2019, we invite you to see your giving in the context of Ecclesiastes 2.1-11 and 12.1. In the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 2, the 'teacher'  is on a quest to find the meaning of life - he searches for what will bring true satisfaction and purpose – in this chapter he looks everywhere for answers and it seems he tries out just about everything! He pursues pleasure, loses himself in work, accumulates huge wealth, wisdom and influence - but nothing offers him the fulfilment he is looking for. It’s only towards the end of the book, after 12 chapters of trying to work out what life is all about that he realizes the truth – that in order for things to make sense, he needs to reconnect with the God of his youth and remember his creator (Ecclesiastes 12.1).

‘Remember your creator’ means living in ways that puts God first and allowing His kingdom values to permeate our whole lives: home, work, relationships, decisions and finances. It means surrendering our time, money and lifestyle choices to the creator God, trusting that the Author of Life knows what is best and most fulfilling for us. The challenge to ’remember your creator’ is radical – especially today when money is tight and uncertainty is all around us. But by doing this we affirm we are following Jesus wholeheartedly and resisting a culture where money is allowed to set the agenda. The Church is called to believe and trust that Jesus is at the heart of life, at the centre of our priorities and the way we order our lives.

Please take a few moments to read about our thinking around finance and our priorities for 2019/20 - just click on the documents below.


 If you would like to respond further, you can download the appropriate forms below.


If you would like to respond by giving to Holy Trinity Jesmond online, or would like to set up regular giving by standing order, please use these banking details:

Account Name:      Holy Trinity PCC
Bank:                      The Cooperative Bank
Sort Code:              08-92-99
Account Number:  65202089


In addition, if you would like to give online or set up a standing order to support the Associate Minister Post, please use these details:

Account Name:    Holy Trinity Church
Bank: The Cooperative Bank
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account Number: 65206917